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So today I was listening to The Signal podcast at work and the ample amount of coughing and sneezing during the fic section made me all happy (and cautious about the volume). And for my own reference as much as anyone else's, here's my first Firefly/Serenity fandom rec post.

My favorite (and the first sickfic I ever encountered in the fandom):
Drabble & Podcast Episode: Chicken Soup is Good for the Soull by [livejournal.com profile] squish_67 (G)- OMG This is a wonderfully shiny, clever drabble with Mal and Jayne both sick. Mal is especially complainy and both are beautifully in character. I first heard it as part of the Jayne drabble series on the Strangely Literal podcast ([livejournal.com profile] sl_podcast) and the reader does a damn perfect (kinda congested, dare I say it!) job of reading it. So definitely check that out in audio here: Episode #14.5- Jayne Drabbles

And speaking of fics on audio:
Ficlet & Podcast Episode: Badger's World- Sick by Nick Edwards- features the two loveable "henchmen" in search of medicinal libations amidst lovely cold-like symptoms attacking everybody. Bonus is Kari & Les discuss people being sick. Plus, it all takes place during the first 8 minutes of the epsiode so you don't have to jump around within to get to it. Of course, the whole thing is worth listening to anyway, while you're there! Listen to the episode here: Episode 2 of Season 4

Some others I stumbled upon:
Excerpts: Excerpts by Space Wolf- some excerpts from a sneezefic (not much sneezing but some decidedly lovely h/c moments!) our very own Space Wolf was playing with. Gotta love the dialogue- it's perfection! I especially love the Kayle bits :-)

Fic: Wine Glasses & Cheese Cutters by Fish & RSB- Sick!Jayne deliciousness. Not a bad plot, to boot! And there's some additional h/c to be had since things on the job don't go quite as perfect as planned, but I won't spoil it for you. The Jayne moments alone are fantastic, though.
Jayne faltered, and let the weight sit on his chest for amoment. He started to lift the weight, but only made it halfway, before hisarms started to shake. This began to puzzle Jayne, and he started to say,"What the-" but he was cut off by a violent sneeze, and the weight almostjumped out of his hands.
Fortunately, Book caught the weight before it crushed Jayne, and he loweredit back onto the arms of the bench. Jayne sat up and wiped his nose on hisarm, then sniffled.
"Seems to me as you might be getting a little under the weather," Booksaid, handing Jayne a towel.

Ficlet: Sick Day by Lipton Lee- Okay, so this ficlet has its moment, but generally it didn't really rock my world. The writing is less than stellar (and the stuffy talk is strange) and Simon's first line struck me as totally OOC. Still, the idea of Mal being well and the entire crew coming down sick is rather cute.

And I've got to end with some shiny sorta slash:
Ficlet/Drabble: Cold by iety (Simon/Jayne?, PGish)- I'm seriously undecided about where I lean regarding slash in the 'verse but if I were already a fan of this pairing, I'd probably have melted on the spot. As it is, this is a wonderful ficlet with Jayne all freezing cold, shivering, and sneezing and Simon sweet and... well... Simonesque *G* Love it.

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Thank you for the recs! I found a couple of these on my own but a couple more are new to me. So, thanks!


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